Hospital de Dénia-MarinaSalud (HDM)

Marina Salud is a health company that provides public health services in the Marina Alta region of Alicante. The Dénia hospital opened its doors in 2009 to attend to more than 200,000 users (300,000 in summer). It has 42,500 square meters, 280 beds and is based on an innovative formula of insurance per inhabitant. The Dénia Health Department has 1 Hospital, 4 Integrated Health Centres, 8 Health Centres, 34 consulting rooms, and 2 additional consulting rooms during the summer.
In 2012 the hospital obtained the HIMSS stage 7, the first hospital in Spain and the second in Europe.
It has the highest level of implementation of the Electronic Health Record and has been accredited as one of the most technologically advanced hospitals in Europe. The system belongs to the need for clinical transformation and is able to demonstrate this with results.

Marina Salud, as a healthcare partner in the consortium, will provide clinical knowledge through a multidisciplinary clinical team of the project participating in two key points:

  1. Providing primary data for the creation of the bigdata structure on which the AI algorithms will work.
  2. Implement a pilot with patients to studying the relationship of lifestyle habits with the risk of developing the disease.