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is an open platform designed to enable connectivity, access, sharing, use and reuse of digital health data. Our policy recommendations will enhance regulatory and HTA decision making, facilitating access to digital health innovations for patients and health care professionals.

Transforming data into better healthcare

In recent years, there has been an exponential

growth in the generation of data that could be

harnessed for use in healthcare delivery and

research. These data include readouts generated

by digital technologies, patient reported outcome

and experience measures, and results from

clinical trials and routine clinical care. However,

accessing, integrating and analysing these data

to maximize their value for patient care and

research is extremely challenging.


Lung cancer as EU’s key priority

IDERHA will focus on lung cancer, which is

responsible for 20% of cancer-related deaths

in Europe and one of the key priorities of the

Europe Beating Cancer program.

The project will link and analyse diverse data

of a lung cancer patient’s journey: from early

screening of citizens at risk, to development of

lung cancer, to remote monitoring of late-stage

patients to enable better care in an at home

setting. Ultimately, the platform and policy

recommendations will be disease independent.

IDERHA (Integration of heterogenous Data and Evidence towards

Regulatory & HTA Acceptance)

The project aims to create a scalable platform

for the seamless integration or linkage of

diverse data to support healthcare professionals,

patients, and researchers with new capabilities

to improve patient outcomes. The new platform

will be based on the development of common

standards and practices – reducing current

disconnected information silos. This enables more

personalized health care along the patient’s

journey via data-driven tools and solutions.

The consortium will, therefore, develop the first

pan-European health data space, and through

policy recommendations drive health data

access and the acceptability of heterogeneous

health research results for regulatory and Health

Technology Assessment decision-making.

Accelerate policy development

To enable patients and health care providers

to benefit from novel health solutions, IDERHA

also seeks to accelerate policy development.

Informed by patient needs, we will develop

consensus recommendations for fully compliant

health data access and sharing, as well as

for the acceptability of heterogeneous health

research results for regulatory and HTA decisionmaking.

This may lead to a framework for data

governance that can be used as a model globally.


IDERHA is among the first projects funded

through the EU Innovative Health Initiative

(IHI), a public-private partnership (PPP)

between the EU and the European life science

industries. IDERHA’s total budget is € 42.7

mln (plus contributions from Associated

Partners from Switzerland and the UK).


IDERHA will run for 5 years,

from 1 April 2023 – 31 March 2028.

More information:

‘IDERHA is a pioneering

project focussed on

creating health care

solutions that integrate

diverse health data, to

bring improved care and

treatments for patients.’




IDERHA leadership & management:

IDERHA is led by the Fraunhofer Institute for

Translational Medicine and Pharmacology

ITMP and Johnson & Johnson Medical GmbH,

part of Johnson & Johnson MedTech.

The management team consists of Dr. Philip

Gribbon (Fraunhofer ITMP) and Dr. Christian

Muehlendyck MD (Johnson & Johnson


Consortium partners:

33 academic, clinical, medtech,

pharmaceutical, IT and patient advocacy

organizations as well as public authorities

from across the EU and the world.