Medical University Plovdiv (MUP)

The Medical University of Plovdiv originates from 1945. It includes the Faculties of Medicine, Dental medicine, Pharmacy, Public Health, a Department of Languages and Specialized training, a medical college, and a hospital with 2000 beds. Facilities include laboratories, clinics, and units for diagnostics and treatment, research activities, and training of medical and dental students. The Central University Library offers the students 170,000 volumes in many languages as well as an internet hall and a local net system (with Medline and Micromedex available). The university issues a journal called Folia Medica, which is exchanged with more than 326 specialists from over 54 countries included in Medline. Every year over 3800 Bulgarian and foreign students are trained at the Medical University – Plovdiv.

The university has pioneered in new methods and innovative technologies in endoscopic surgery and microsurgery, visual diagnosis, nuclear medicine, and radiotherapy. Latest research efforts are also focusing on the development of pharmacogenomics and personalized medicine that are in line with state-of-the-art healthcare programs from across Europe. The progress beyond state of the art is being sought in the design of new prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and social adaptation programs related to cancer, cardiovascular and neurological diseases. These programs also pay emphasis to the management and economics of health systems and development of new methodologies and technology solutions that promote the awareness of health conditions.