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Project's Vision

The specific focus of iHelp is on early identification and mitigation of the risks associated with Pancreatic Cancer based on the application of advance AI-based learning and decision support techniques on the historic (primary) data of Cancer patients gathered from established data banks and cohorts

Determine key risks associated with Pancreatic Cancer

Develop predictive models for identified risks

Develop adaptive models for targeted prevention and intervention measures

Pilot Studies

These are the project's Pilots


Study of Genomics and Epigenomics Markers for Early Risk Assessment of Pancreatic Cancer


Interventional Monocentric Study based on Patient-Reported Outcomes


Study of Lifestyle Choices on Elevating the Risk Factors for Pancreatic Cancer


Study of Risk, Personalised Recommendations and Measures to Raise Awareness of Relevant Factors


Study of Improved Risk Prediction Models and Targeted Interventions that can Delay the Onset of Cancer

Conceptual Approach


  • Extract & Analyze clinical data of Pancreatic Cancer patients
  • Design personalised recommendations 
  • Integration of Primary & Secondary data in the HHR format

  • Frugal AI-analytics provides real-time assessment

iHelp at a glance

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