An Enhanced Standardization and Qualification Mechanism for Heterogeneous Healthcare Data

Our research paper entitled “An Enhanced Standardization and Qualification Mechanism for Heterogeneous Healthcare Data” has been published in the context of the Proceedings of MIE2023 “Caring is Sharing–Exploiting the Value in Data for Health and Innovation”. It was presented as short-paper and poster on 21st of May 2023, in Gothenburg, Sweden. This research work introduces the key instances and groundwork for future publications in the context the project.

Given the challenge that healthcare related data are being obtained from various sources and in divergent formats there is an emerging need for providing improved and automated techniques and technologies that perform qualification and standardization of these data. The approach presented in this paper introduces a novel mechanism for the cleaning, qualification, and standardization of the collected primary and secondary data types. The latter is realized through the design and implementation of three (3) integrated subcomponents, the Data Cleaner, the Data Qualifier, and the Data Harmonizer that are further evaluated by performing data cleaning, qualification, and harmonization on top of data related to Pancreatic Cancer to further develop enhanced personalized risk assessment and recommendations to individuals.

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