A scoping review to assess the effects of virtual reality in medical education and clinical care

SOURCE: Article in Journals – Digital Health; Published: February 2023 A scoping review to assess the effects of virtual reality in medical

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Advanced Notebook: A tool for enhanced Management of Machine Learning models and procedures in the Healthcare Domain

SOURCE: 2023 International Conference on Applied Mathematics & Computer Science (ICAMCS); Publisher: IEEE, Published: 20 February 2024 Advanced Notebook: A tool for

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  • August 23, 2023
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iHELP Engaging Participation in the Upcoming Webinar on Health Sector Standardization

In an era defined by groundbreaking technological advancements, the pursuit of standardized practices within the healthcare sector is an imperative goal. Enter

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Ethical and policy considerations in iHelp

The iHelp consortium is building an ambitious and far-reaching study using several inter-connected approaches to contribute to more effective risk detection and

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Unsupervised Machine Learning

Have you met that know-it-all expert always rushing to spoil the AI party by pronouncing that they have seen it all before

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The role of Social Media Analyser tool in Health Policy Making

It has been established that the importance of public opinion on social media platforms has become significant in recent years and especially

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iHelp partner introduction – KODAR

The Project – AI Support for Monitoring, Alerting, Feedback, and Evaluation Module in iHelp We are proud to see Kodar’s team working

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Impact Evaluator – A tool to visualise the effect of the sent contents

One of the goals of the iHelp project is to realize a platform that can provide final users with personalized prevention and

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iHelp partner introduction – MUP

Medical University – Plovdiv, Bulgaria, is a public institution of higher education accredited by the National Evaluation and Accreditation Agency. It provides

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