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The Project – AI Support for Monitoring, Alerting, Feedback, and Evaluation Module in iHelp

We are proud to see Kodar’s team working on a project with such a noble cause to help in pancreatic cancer symptoms’ early identification and disease prevention. Our colleagues and their partners have made it possible to build an AI-based application monitoring each individual’s condition and prescribing personalized recommendations to improve it. Thanks to our joint efforts with all stakeholders, the solution developed can also conduct a real-time assessment of multiple health parameters and introduce personal engagement for every user in order to increase patients’ usage rate and help them improve their quality of life. You can read more about the project on the iHelp’s official webpage.

Close collaboration among teams at Strypes Group and our partners

The iHelp project is a great example of a meaningful partnership established between Strypes Group teams and a provider delivering research-driven consulting projects in Digital Transformation and Digital Technologies in the face of Digital Systems 4.0.
On the one hand, Kodar and Strypes have been responsible for the development of the monitoring alerting and feedback mechanism of the platform integrating AI-based models to enable personalization. On the other hand, Digital Systems 4.0. introduced features that make the software user-friendly and “sticky”, avoiding the usual loss of interest in any health app after a brief period of use.

Meet the team behind the project

The project has been supported by a few of our awesome colleagues and industry experts among whom you would meet:

  • Pencho Stefanov, Project Manager, Kodar
    With more than 6 years of experience in project management for software companies and a vast background in other domains, Pencho is now facing his next big career challenge and adventure with the iHelp project.
    “My role in the project is to empower my team to do their best towards achieving the project goals in good quality and on time. As a Project Manager, I’m responsible for activities like stakeholder communication, budget tracking, risk management, and project documentation. In addition, I do also enjoy facilitating regular internal meetings as well as partner meetings on topics like progress reports, brainstorming, and retrospectives sessions. And last but not least, I am accountable to remove any impediments the team faces during the project lifecycle.”

  • Todor Vasilev, Java Developer, Strypes
    With his education in Informatics and Nano-Opto Electronics and Information Technologies, and his background in the Finance sector, Todor is now facing his next big challenge working on the Java backend for the iHelp project.

  • Diana Kirova, Technical Lead, Strypes
    After more than 10 years of experience in the tech world Diana is now responsible for taking high-level architectural decisions, work breakdown, mentoring teammates, and working on more complex functionalities as part of the project. She stands out with her impressive skill set in JavaScript, React, NodeJS, TypeScript .NET, databases, and machine learning.

  • Valentin Chobadzhakov, Software Developer, Strypes
    With over 3 years of experience in the software field, Valentin is now supporting the team in building UI for the Monitoring, Alerting, Feedback, and Evaluation Module in iHelp.

  • Dr. Nikolay Mehandzhiev, Professor of Enterprise Information Systems in the UK, leads the team at Digital Systems 4.0
    Dr. Mehandzhiev has a wealth of experience in research-driven consulting projects in the areas of digital transformation, business analytics, usability, end-user training and evaluations. He is currently leading the Digital Systems 4.0 team in all project activities including all technical tasks. Working on a number of European-funded collaborative projects, Dr. Mehandzhiev built up expertise on challenging tasks that require an innovative approach and a good collaboration sense.

  • Petia Nikolova, Project Manager, Digital Systems 4.0
    Petia brings to the iHelp project her vast experience in project and office management, strong communication and organizational skills, and knowledge of accounting and IT systems. Petia’s role is to ensure that meetings are arranged, attended, and minuted where appropriate, action points are worked through, tasks are planned and delivered on time, and project reports are prepared and submitted. Petia’s time management skills are often put to test but she enjoys working in a dynamic project environment.

  • Dr. Nadia Masood, Research & Development Associate, Digital Systems 4.0
    Having obtained her Ph.D. degree in Electrical Engineering through the Commonwealth Split-site Ph.D. program from Durham University in the United Kingdom and UET Pakistan, Nadia represents Digital Systems 4.0 at project, work package, and task level meetings and focuses on core technical tasks of the project.

Even brighter future for the project

The progress and achievements made so far open the door for even greater milestones in the future. The prototype developed by the team is now being deployed into medical universities and is going to be tested by working groups in real conditions – with patients having different lifestyles and symptoms. The data gathered during the studies will be used to empower AI algorithms and bring the project to the next phase where steps for improvement will be indicated.
Being the project manager for this module, Pencho Stefanov is more than enthusiastic about its future: “We are really looking forward to seeing the integration of the final product into more and more platforms and solutions for intelligent healthcare. Having in mind the potential of the software, don’t be surprised to witness its commercialization and implementation into other spheres of medicine and cancer disease prevention within the next few years.”

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