AI Support for Monitoring, Alerting, Feedback and Evaluation Module in iHelp

iHelp is part of the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Program. The platform enables the collection, integration, and management of health-related data from various sources (medical records, lifestyle, behaviour, social media interactions) in a Holistic Health Record standard structure. Kodar plays an active role in the Monitoring, Alerting, Feedback and Evaluation module which are the key parts of the project. Its purpose is to offer personalized healthcare advice and guidance based on AI support for analysing patient reactions and behaviour to prescribed prevention and intervention measures.

Part of Kodar’s work has been related to the development of the monitoring alerting and feedback mechanism replacing the standardized approach towards all patients with an individualized assessment of their condition. Thanks to AI-based models the application will combine primary and secondary data about users and compare it with personalized targets and goals set up by clinical experts.

The impact of having such monitoring data will allow for better and early identification of risks, recalibration of the prevention-intervention models and fine-tuning of the targeted recommendations for every individual in danger, produced by AI models. Thus, people will be able to make improvements in their lifestyle by being stimulated to do so by personalized alerts that the system will create. The individualized targets and feedback approach will provide genuine insight into the thinking and actions of the patients and enable us to understand the behavior and the sentiments behind certain lifestyle choices.

In brief, the solution that Kodar’s team is part of will combine:

  • Monitoring mechanisms to track the impact of targeted recommendations that are prescribed to individuals
  • Observation of the achievement of individual goals and the overall condition of the patient providing instant feedback to clinical experts with the option for timely adjustments to be made
  • Real-time assessment of multiple health and behavioral parameters
  • Stimuli for users to follow a personalized health plan – nutrition tips, physical activity encouragement and suggestions for a healthier lifestyle
  • Timely alerts for users depending on the level of risks they are exposed to make changes in the lifestyle, behaviour or social interactions
  • Opportunity for detection of health and well-being issues at earlier and more treatable stages

In addition to all the functionalities and the AI-based approach, the application will also offer a high level of user engagement to make sure individuals follow the recommendations and are motivated to improve the quality of their life. Being much more data-oriented, iHelp is expected to help in decision making by individuals and policymaking by states to help people avoid risks and danger.

We at Kodar are more than happy to be part of such a great initiative and are looking forward to making an even bigger impact with our smart solutions.

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