The Project

The Concept

  • A novel personalised-healthcare framework
  • Collection, integration, and management of health-related data from various sources in a standardised structure called Holistic Health Records (HHR)
  • AI techniques to draw adaptive learning models that are used to provide decision support in the form of early risk predictions as well as personalised prevention & intervention measures
  • Delivery and evaluations through user-centric mobile and wearable applications

Our Objectives

  • Definition of a master data management framework that supports the exploitation of heterogeneous data sources and knowledge acquisition
  • Definition of advance AI techniques that exploit heterogeneous datasets to facilitate new insight into the underlying risks of Pancreatic Cancer and aid early predictions as well as design of prediction and intervention models
  • Design of effective and efficient recommendations (based on targeted prevention and intervention models for Pancreatic Cancer) that can be delivered to (high risk) individuals through Internet of Things, mobile apps and wearable technologies
  • Development of user-engagement toolset and personalised interfaces to support delivery (and capturing feedback) of early risk identification, prevention and intervention mechanisms
  • Development of Holistic Health Records (HHRs) as a standardised base for data modelling and management; to provide a holistic view of individualised data obtained from medical (primary) as well as from lifestyle, behavioural and social (secondary) aspects
  • Definition of data governance mechanisms to ensure secure multi-actor information exchange and enhanced quality, trustworthiness and reliability of data
  • Showcasing iHELP innovation through various pilot cases within Europe and also in associated international countries
  • Definition of communication and knowledge sharing mechanism to promote scientific advancement and transmission of project results to relevant stakeholders
iHelp Project

Our Origins & Future

  • 2019

    Successful Finish of CrowdHealth

    After the succeffull completion of a previous EU project CrowdHEALTH some of the partners decided to build upon the investigated innovations of  Holistic Health Records.

  • 2020

    Proposal Submision & Award

  • 2021

    iHelp Project Launch

  • 2022

    Milestone 1