Innovation Sprint (iSPRINT)

Innovation Sprint Sprl is a Belgian SME founded in 2016 that offers edge technology solutions to the eHealth and Life Sciences business sectors, focusing on Big Data analytics & Artificial Intelligence on Real World Data. Innovation Sprint has a multidisciplinary team with expertise in IT solutions, Data Science, eHealth, and Clinical Research, with more than 20y of experience in Healthcare domain and a strong research background with more than 500+ peer-reviewed papers, 35.000+ research citations. The company’s main product, Healthentia, is an eClinical platform that supports Pharma to achieve cost savings, while obtaining valuable insights during clinical studies to improve design of drugs of higher efficacy. Healthentia captures clinical outcomes from mobile-, medical- and IoT-devices, using a patient-centric app and offers AI-driven smart services, such as behavioral phenotyping, in-silico trials, and virtual coaching.

Innovation Sprint is a technology provider in iHelp with contribution-based around Healthentia, aiming at improving the data collection, gamification, and virtual coaching aspects. More specifically, the iSPRINT translates the pilot needs into data collection and virtual coaching requirements in WP2. Also, they modify the Healthentia platform to support the secondary (behavioral) data collection needs of the project to understand patients’ habits and connections in WP3. They build gamification and virtual coaching aspects of the Healthentia mobile app in WP5, turning it into the patients’ companion app for the pilots and monitor data collection throughout the pilots in WP6 and participate in the evaluation of the iHelp solution in WP7. Finally, iSPRINT leads to the dissemination and exploitation of WP8.