Machine Learning

Enhanced risk prediction of Pancreatic Cancer through the utilization of an AI Model Library – Analytic Workbench

What is the Analytics Workbench The Analytics Workbench is a building block of the iHelp infrastructure which aim is to host all

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iHelp Partner introduction – UPRC

UPRC (University of Piraeus Research Center) has been actively engaged and coordinated plenty of EU funded R&D projects as well as National

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Federated Learning in the context of the iHelp project

About half a decade ago, the growth in Machine Learning advancements and data located on different sources with distinct privacy-preserving settings, have

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Data collection and advice delivery in iHelp using Healthentia

The iHelp project aims at early identification and mitigation of the risks associated with cancer (with a particular focus on pancreatic cancer), based on the application of advanced Machine Learning techniques on

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