Risk Factor Analysis

Over the past few years, the incidence of pancreatic cancer (PC) has enlarged and AI techniques have emerged as powerful tools in

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The Open-Source in eHealth – The iHelp Solution

Since the project has moved to its third and final year it is time to have a small recap of the project’s

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The role of Social Media Analyser tool in Health Policy Making

It has been established that the importance of public opinion on social media platforms has become significant in recent years and especially

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iHelp partner introduction – KODAR

The Project – AI Support for Monitoring, Alerting, Feedback, and Evaluation Module in iHelp We are proud to see Kodar’s team working

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Impact Evaluator – A tool to visualise the effect of the sent contents

One of the goals of the iHelp project is to realize a platform that can provide final users with personalized prevention and

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World Pancreatic Cancer Day – November 17, 2022

November is Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month and November 17th is World Pancreatic Cancer Day. One of the main goals of the iHelp

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7th iHelp Consortium Meeting

Since we are at the milestone of the iHelp Project, the 1st Review has been completed, the tech is mature and the

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  • September 16, 2022
  • Less than a minute

7th Consortium Meeting

It’s time for the next iHelp Project GA Meeting! The 7th iHelp General Assembly meeting will be held in Rome (Italy) on

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A Scoping Review to Assess Adherence to and Clinical Outcomes of Wearable Devices in the Cancer Population

Cancers, EISSN 2072-6694, Published by MDPI; Published: 13 September 2022 A Scoping Review to Assess Adherence to and Clinical Outcomes of Wearable

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