7th iHelp Consortium Meeting

7th iHelp GA meeting

Since we are at the milestone of the iHelp Project, the 1st Review has been completed, the tech is mature and the pilots are about to be started, it was time to meet each other again!

This time in Rome, the 7th GA meeting took place at Policlinico Universitario A. Gemelli, where our partner (FPG) proved an excellent host. All the project participants feel grateful for the efforts and the excellent organization and support of the FPG team.

During the 3-day meeting, the work items were been detailed and we clarified all the open points for the next Review Period. As the project progresses, we should discuss the work scenarios and address the comments identified through the 1st project Review. After fruitful discussions, we defined the components and scenarios that need to be revised. Representatives of each partner presented their Work Packages and the technical approach has been decided, what has been achieved, any open points, blocking elements, and key dependencies.

We also set the next steps for the overall progress and the integration aspects have been prioritized and addressed, in order to be clear for the partners on how to proceed until the end of the year and within the 2nd review period.

A significant aspect on which we focused was the recruitment processes and the preparation of the patients. The pilots get aligned with the demands of the project, their plans have been updated, the risks have been identified and potential solutions have been discussed.

Finally, the upcoming deliverables were one of the important parts of the meeting. A “busy” period is following with a lot of work to be done by the partners and all need to be aligned and meet the deadlines set.

iHelp Project partners

Hopefully, after each meeting day, we had the chance to “roam in Rome” and enjoy the beauty around us.

Colosseum Rome

Fontana Di Trevi Rome

We seem to be gradually overcoming the obstacles due to the covid-19 restrictions we faced in the first period of the project and meeting the partners in person certainly strengthen the collaboration.

A fruitful meeting came to its end and now will work all together to implement what has been agreed upon.

Till next time!

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