real-world data

An Evaluation of Machine Learning Models coupled with Powerful Big Data Techniques in the Case of Pancreatic Cancer

SOURCE: 2023 International Conference on Applied Mathematics & Computer Science (ICAMCS); IEEE, Published: 20 February 2024 An Evaluation of Machine Learning Models

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Interfacing with iHelp patients: The role of Healthentia 

Real-World Data Collection and Patient Engagement All iHelp patients experience the mobile application of Healthentia as their gateway in iHelp. Healhtentia is

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Studies for secondary data capture using Healthentia

The secondary data capture for iHelp, i.e., the collection of patients’ data in a non-clinical setting, is a fundamental step for all

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iHelp partner introduction – TMU

Taipei Medical University Education, healthcare, and technology facilities Taipei Medical University (TMU) was founded in 1960, and has been a pioneer in

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iHelp Partner introduction – Innovation Sprint

We will start our series of interviews with the individual partners of the iHelp Project. The main goal of this series is

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Data collection and advice delivery in iHelp using Healthentia

The iHelp project aims at early identification and mitigation of the risks associated with cancer (with a particular focus on pancreatic cancer), based on the application of advanced Machine Learning techniques on

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