Data collection and advice delivery in iHelp using Healthentia

The iHelp project aims at early identification and mitigation of the risks associated with cancer (with a particular focus on pancreatic cancer), based on the application of advanced Machine Learning techniques on medical/clinical data, as well as on behavioral data. 

The behavioral data required by the five pilots of the project are collected using Healthentia, a product of Innovation SprintHealthentia is an eClinical platform that collects and processes patient-generated Real-World Data (RWD). In iHelpthe Healthentia mobile application will be modified to facilitate that capturing of the necessary data. Innovation Sprint is currently in the process of gathering requirements regarding the needed measurements to facilitate the project’s various pilots. This requirements elicitation process will lead to a set of devices that will be integrated with Healthentia to provide objective measurements, either obtained continuously via some wearable or measured sporadically via some medical IoT devices. At the same time, Innovation Sprint is in the process of creating an inventory of questionnaires to be used for collecting subjective user-reported outcomes. The pilots are providing us with data requirements, addressing: 

  • The types of activities that need to be measured. 
  • Types of body (medical) signals and possible symptoms. 
  • Psychological and social information deemed relevant to the pilot use cases. 
  • Liquids consumption (e.g., coffee, water or alcohol intake) and dietary information 
  • Regulatory requirements of the devices. 

All the collected RWD will be processed at the edge by the Healthentia platform, in order to derive the secondary data of iHelp – information about the habits and relationships that determine the behavior of our patients. This secondary information, together with the primary one of clinical origin will constitute the Holistic Health Records of iHelp. 

The use of the Healthentia app in iHelp will signify a much deeper transformation than just an enhancement of its data collection capabilities. The Healthentia app for iHelp will also act as a companion to our patients, not just collecting information but offering back knowledge and advice. Healthentia will play the role of the delivery mechanism for personalised healthcare and real-time feedback. In order to design an engaging experience for the end-users, we are also collecting requirements from the pilots, covering: 

  • Information presentation mechanics 
  • Necessary gamification and social features 
  • Moderated advice delivery mechanisms 

We are excited to be at the beginning of this journey, leading to a platform for identifying risks and aiding at the prevention of pancreatic cancer. 

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