iHelp Partner introduction – Innovation Sprint

We will start our series of interviews with the individual partners of the iHelp Project. The main goal of this series is to present l the people responsible for the execution and the progress happening in this project from all partners. Our first partner is Innovation Sprint.

Innovation Sprint Sprl (iSPRINΤ) is a Belgian SME that offers edge technology solutions to the eHealth and Life Sciences business sectors, focusing on Big Data Analytics & Artificial Intelligence on Real World Data. Innovation Sprint has a multidisciplinary team with expertise in IT solutions, Data Science, eHealth, and Clinical Research, with more than 20y of experience in the Healthcare domain and a strong research background with more than 500+ peer-reviewed papers, and over 35.000 research citations. The company’s main product, Healthentia, is a digital platform that facilitates data capture in decentralized clinical trials and enables digital therapeutics (DTx) as a certified medical device. It does so by offering a smartphone application for patients/citizens and a web portal for investigators & healthcare professionals to securely access smart services and insights. 

iHelp aims at the early identification and mitigation of the risks associated with Pancreatic Cancer, based on the application of advanced machine learning and decision support techniques operating on a holistic account of both clinical and behavioral patient data. 

Innovation Sprint is a technology provider in iHelp with contribution-based around Healthentia, aiming at facilitating behavioral data collection and virtual coaching. More specifically, iSPRINT translates the pilot needs into data collection and virtual coaching requirements, subsequently modifying Healthentia with a twofold aim. Firstly, to support the behavioral data collection needs, patients’ habits and their connections. Then to expand upon the gamification and virtual coaching aspects of the Healthentia mobile app, turning it into the patients’ companion app for the pilots. iSPRINT will be monitoring data collection during the pilots and will participate in the evaluation of iHelp. Finally, iSPRINT is coordinating the dissemination and exploitation activities of the project. 

“Behavior is in part responsible for any disease, pancreatic cancer being no exception. Behavioral change is part of the treatment in many conditions. In iHelp, we complete the knowledge about patients by appending everyday behavioral data to the clinical information.” Dr. Aristodemos Pnevmatikakis, R&D Director 

With different pilots focusing on very different stages of the disease, ranging all the way from primary prevention to follow-up after pancreatic cancer treatment, we have a unique opportunity to study this affliction in a very broadway. With our Virtual Coaching platform, we hope to be able to make a difference by providing people with support either in preventing the disease altogether or by helping patients to cope during or after their treatment.” Dr. Harm op den Akker, Head of Virtual Coaching

“Dissemination and exploitation are important in getting the project’s result out into the real world. Innovation Sprint, as the leader of dissemination and exploitation activities, monitors the trends and actively raises awareness for the project, while trying to ensure that iHelp will be important for citizens in the future.” Irida Manika, Researcher 

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