Risk Factors Associated with Pancreatic Cancer in the UK Biobank Cohort

SOURCE: Article in Journals – Cancers; Published: 12 October 2022

Risk Factors Associated with Pancreatic Cancer in the UK Biobank Cohort

Te-Min Ke 1Artitaya Lophatananon 1Kenneth R Muir 1


Evidence on pancreatic cancer (PaCa) risk factors from large population-based cohort studies is limited. This study investigated the PaCa risk factors and the population attributable fraction (PAF) of modifiable risk factors in the UK Biobank cohort. The UK Biobank is a prospective cohort consisting of 502,413 participants with a mean follow-up time of 8.2 years. A binomial generalized linear regression model was used to calculate relative risks for PaCa risk factors. PAF was calculated to estimate the proportional reduction in PaCa if modifiable risk factors were to be eliminated. A total of 728 (0.14%) PaCa incident cases and 412,922 (82.19%) non-PaCa controls were analyzed. The non-modifiable risk factors included age and gender. The modifiable risk factors were cigarette smoking, overweight and obesity, increased waist circumstance, abdominal obesity, Diabetic Mellitus (DM), and pancreatitis history. The PAF suggested that eliminating smoking and obesity can contribute around a 16% reduction in PaCa cases while avoiding abdominal obesity can eliminate PaCa cases by 22%. Preventing pancreatitis and DM could potentially reduce PaCa cases by 1% and 6%, respectively. This study has identified modifiable and non-modifiable PaCa risk factors in the UK population. The PAF of modifiable risk factors can be applied to inform PaCa prevention programs.

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