iHelp Partner introduction – LeanXcale

LeanXcale is a spinoff company from the Technical University of Madrid (Universidad Politecnica de Madrid – UPM), developing an ultra-scalable transactional database that is full-SQL with Analytical capabilities (HTAP database). Founded in 2015, LeanXcale is established on deep technical research into distributed systems and data management. The professors leading the Distributed Systems Lab (LSD) at UPM, co-founders of LeanXcale, decided to discard over 15 years’ worth of research and start from scratch to conceive and architect a radically different transactional manager that could scale without limits. For nine months, the LeanXcale co-founders produced the first version of the algorithm with highly successful results – the delivery of the perfect solution for solving the biggest and most problematic bottleneck in databases for decades. The first generation of the database was produced in 2010 with further iterations produced through 2015 and the company’s founding. The company team now has 15 people and is seeking to expand its business development team and hire additional database experts within the project.

LeanXcale has been coached by the EIT Digital acceleration program and had the offices at the EIT Digital Madrid node from incorporation in 2015 to late 2016. Currently, the offices are at the startup greenhouse at UPM technological campus.

LeanXcale has participated in several European projects, as both technology provider and technical coordinator. With a very experienced technical team, in iHelp is leading the work package related to the knowledge management and core platform of the project, taking care of the data management activities. Moreover, LeanXcale is also leading the activities related to the data ingestion pipelines of iHelp. With its baseline technology, the LeanXcale database is capable of massive data ingestion allowing for the execution of analytical queries at the same time, which is critical to the accomplishment of the overall objectives of iHelp.

Database offloading is becoming more and more crucial for modern enterprises dealing with big data today. One of the key innovations of the LeanXcale database is its provision for data ingestion at very high rates, which is a key factor for efficient database offloading. We are excited in LeanXcale to be part of the iHelp team and bring our technologies to solve the needs of the dynamic data ingestion pipelines of the platform. Dr. Pavlos Kranas, Researcher, Software Engineer

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