A Scoping Review and a Taxonomy to Assess the Impact of Mobile Apps on Cancer Care Management

Our research paper titled “A Scoping Review and a Taxonomy to Assess the Impact of Mobile Apps on Cancer Care Management” has been published in the journal “Cancers”.

Our research provides a comprehensive evaluation of mobile apps in cancer care, demonstrating how these technologies enhance patient management and adherence to treatment. Our extensive scoping review assessed various mobile app-based interventions that equip cancer patients with real-time health monitoring and personalized treatment. Key findings indicate that interventions grounded in psychological theories significantly boost patient engagement and effectively manage health outcomes. Notably, interventions employing behavior change techniques and cognitive behavioral strategies have been shown to markedly improve patients’ quality of life and psychological well-being.

In addition, our study has developed a refined taxonomy to guide the development and optimization of future mobile health applications. This taxonomy organizes interventions based on their theoretical underpinnings, delivery methods, and the platforms they use for social interaction. Looking ahead, it is essential to enhance and validate this classification system to improve the design and effectiveness of mHealth tools. Future research should focus on expanding the use of cutting-edge technologies and innovative delivery methods to meet a wider range of cancer care needs, ensuring that all patients receive personalized and effective support.

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