Athens hosts 11th iHelp GA Meeting: Unveiling Progress and Preparing for Project’s Culmination

The vibrant city of Athens recently played host to the 11th iHelp General Assembly (GA) Meeting, marking a pivotal moment in the collaborative efforts of the project’s Work Package (WP) and Task Leaders. The gathering, held from January 30th to February 1st, saw leaders presenting their accomplishments and paving the way for the upcoming 2nd Project Review and the project’s final semester.

Agenda & Partners’ Preparation

The meeting agenda outlined specific topics that were covered by WP Leaders, Pilots, and Task Leaders. Unfolding across three days, each day had a designated focus. The first day emphasized the detailed rehearsal of presentations, while the second day was dedicated to refining demonstration techniques. The concluding day consolidated all discussions into a comprehensive sum-up session, ultimately leading to the final wrap-up of the entire event.

The WP & Tasks Leaders presented the technical achievements within their Work Package (WP) and addressed any outstanding points leading up to the 2nd Project Review and the final semester of the project. Additionally, they shared insights on the upcoming steps until the project’s conclusion. A crucial focus of this gathering was to execute successful rehearsals and demonstrations, and deliberate on decisions regarding the update and revision of the implementation, integration, and demonstration of functionalities slated for February 2024.

Social dinner

At the conclusion of our initial day, we orchestrated a convivial social dinner, strategically designed to cultivate, and deepen the bonds within our team.

It was not just a good time; it highlighted the positive teamwork among the project partners. The relaxed atmosphere and shared moments reinforced the collaboration that is essential for our joint efforts.

Meeting Objectives

  1. Elaborated on Work Items and Address Open Points: As the project advanced, the meeting aimed to delve into the specifics of work items and scenarios, clarifying any open points and addressing identified drawbacks. The focus was on revising components and scenarios for enhanced clarity.
  2. Advanced Development and Integration Efforts: The primary objective was to propel the project forward through active development and integration work. Initial Rehearsals were conducted to prepare for the 2nd Project Review, with a keen eye on identifying and promptly addressing any gaps or challenges.
  3. Refined Scenario Storylines: Progressing through the project’s timeline, a critical review of each scenario’s storyline was essential. Utilizing the iHelp platform in hospital settings was mandatory to assess the viability of pilot scenarios and understand the status of recruitment processes and overall pilot activities.
  4. Updated Pilot Plans and Scenarios: Building on integration progress and RP2 goals, technical partners and pilots collaboratively determined the next steps and implementations. This collaborative effort aimed to support the revised scenarios and guide pilot activities toward the successful completion of the project’s objectives.

In pursuit of these refined objectives, the project sought a well-orchestrated conclusion marked by detailed planning, dynamic development, and strategic adaptations to ensure the realization of project goals.

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