6th iHelp Consortium Meeting

6th Consortium Meeting

After a year and a half of online calls, we were finally able to organize a hybrid meeting! From 24th till 26th May, we gathered in Athens, Greece, for our 6th plenary meeting, where we discussed the progress of the project and defined our next steps.

On Tuesday morning, we met on the University of Piraeus premises and connected with the rest of the partners who were not able to attend the meeting in person.

University of Piraeus – Themistoclean Campus

We followed the Agenda and started at about 09:30, presenting the Project Coordination (WP1) by the UPRC, the Innovation Plan and Activities by ENG, and the Technical Perspective of the project by ICE.

We continued with the AI for Early Risk Assessment and Personalised Recommendations (WP5) by ICE, the Requirements, State of the Art Analysis and User Scenarios in iHelp (WP2) by ENG, and the Personalised Holistic Health Records (WP3) by ATC. Then we closed the 1st day with the Knowledge Management and Utilisation in the iHelp Platform (WP4) by LXS.

On Wednesday, we started from where we have stopped, with the WP4. Then we went on to the WP6 that the UNIMAN presented the iHelp Validation and Pilot Studies. Afterward, in cooperation with the LXS, the ATC, and the UPM, the Integrated Platform Demonstration was presented.

Innovation Sprint with KOD, and UNIMAN introduced the Realtime Monitoring and Recommendation and the ICE with the KI the Standalone Demonstration – Social Analysis for Policy Support.

At the end of the day left to be presented the Technical Development and Integration Status by ICE, and the Communication and Exploitation of the project by Innovation Sprint.

Taking the advantage of being in the country of Greece in person, we completed the day with a lovely dinner in the Athens city center, enjoying the breathtaking view of Acropolis.

iHelp Consortium Dinner

Acropolis View

On the last day, and after having a joyful night with the partners, we were introduced to the proposals of Parallel Workshops, updated Demonstration Plans for the 1st Review, and discussed the Components Analysis towards standardization that was presented by SIE.

At the end of the day, we planned the next deliverables, talk over the technical perspective and implementation path, and concluded the day and the plenary meeting itself with the T5.5 Workshop in which the task partners will collaborate on specific objectives and requirements from the perspective of targeted groups.

Our hybrid meeting was a valuable experience as we were able to meet some of the partners in person for the first time. Such opportunities certainly strengthen the collaboration, and we hope we will soon be able to gather again.

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