Future of Artificial Intelligence Applications in Cancer Care: A Global Cross-Sectional Survey of Researchers

Our research paper titled “Future of Artificial Intelligence Applications in Cancer Care: A Global Cross-Sectional Survey of Researchers” has been published in the journal “Current Oncology”.

Our recent global survey of over a thousand AI and cancer researchers has provided valuable insights into the anticipated impact of artificial intelligence on cancer care. A significant majority of experts predict that AI will enhance cancer grading and classification, with 73.13% of respondents expecting AI to play a crucial role in these areas within the next decade. Additionally, 69.08% believe AI will improve diagnostic reliability, particularly in early cancer detection, where AI’s ability to analyze complex medical data can lead to earlier and more accurate diagnoses. However, the integration of AI into clinical practice is not without its challenges. The survey highlighted critical barriers, including the lack of standardization in cancer-related health data, which was seen as a major impediment by 47.20% of respondents. This issue complicates the testing, validation, and certification of AI systems, potentially slowing their adoption. Ethical and regulatory concerns were also significant, with 66.67% of respondents who highlighted these issues concerned about the legal responsibilities and accountability of AI-supported decisions. These factors must be addressed to facilitate the safe and effective integration of AI technologies in clinical settings.

Looking to the future, the survey results suggest a path forward that includes establishing robust frameworks for AI integration in cancer care. Experts call for international collaboration to develop standards and guidelines that ensure AI is integrated ethically and effectively. By overcoming these challenges, AI has the potential to revolutionize cancer care, offering more personalized treatment options and improving outcomes for patients worldwide.

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